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Happy, helpful and sought-after wedding officiant describes Jean.   It’s not just weddings that are Jean’s passion but helping people to optimize themselves and their experiences.  Whether it’s an adventurous mountain top wedding, an intimate Inn affair, Jean pulls out all the stops to make sure every

“i is dotted and t is crossed”  

Experienced, Creative, and Detail Oriented.  

 Jean loves to  facilitate challenging, same-sex, and traditional ceremonies, and will gentle guide you in a timely manner to make it a unique and special ceremony.  


My Wedding
My Wedding-October 7th,  1999
Make it Special

Scott and I got married on Lake Powell on October 7th, 1999.  We rented a houseboat, my family rented a houseboat, and his family rented a houseboat.  Many of our friends had their own private vessels.  So many crazy and amazing things happened that famous wedding weekend.  The JP was a friend of Scott’s.  I remember every word she said.